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At Queens Museum, the Director Is as Political as the Art

As reports circulated that President Trump intended to end the policy Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation, Laura Raicovich, the president and executive director of the Queens Museum, took to Twitter.

“Defending DACA is just the right thing to do,” she wrote. “Prevent its dissolution and pass legislation to make it permanent.”… Read More


The ARTnews Accord: Aruna D’Souza and Laura Raicovich in Conversation

Aruna D’Souza is the author of Whitewalling: Art, Race, & Protest in 3 Acts, a new book from Badlands Unlimited, the publishing house helmed by the artist Paul Chan. The book begins with protests at the 2017 Whitney Biennial against Open Casket, a painting by the white artist Dana Schutz of the murdered black teenager Emmett Till, whose mutilated body figured in a 1955 photograph that helped galvanize the civil rights movement… Read More

New York Times

Politically Outspoken Director of Queens Museum Steps Down

In the end, the very political activism that defined Laura Raicovich’s tenure as the president and executive director of the Queens Museum drove her out the door. On Friday, after just three years at the helm, Ms. Raicovich announced that she was stepping down… Read More

ArtNet News

Queens Museum Director Laura Raicovich Resigns Amid Political Differences With Board

Scarcely three months after she was profiled in the New York Times under the headline “The Director Is as Political as the Art,” Queens Museum director Laura Raicovich has left the institution. Her departure, after three years at the helm, comes as a result of differences with the institution’s board over her advocacy for progressive causes, reports the TimesRead More


‘A Nautical Traffic Jam’: Mel Chin Imagines an Underwater World in Times Square

Crowds gathered Wednesday under the blazing sun to witness the unveiling of two new works by Mel Chin in New York’s Times Square: Wake and Unmoored. The former is an imposing 60-foot-tall animatronic installation, while the latter is its digitally interactive “mixed reality” counterpart. Judging by the queue of eager viewers and the looks of curious passersby, the pieces—monumental and immersive, respectively—are well-suited for the spectacle of Midtown Manhattan… Read More


Rather Than Strike, Museums Open Their Doors Wider on Inauguration Day

As the art world reckoned with the impending presidency of Donald Trump and the growing call for action last Monday, Whitney director Adam Weinberg gave, what was by all accounts, an impassioned speech. Never referencing the President-elect by name, Weinberg took aim at the rhetoric and vision of the country put forward during his campaign.… Read More

American Craft Council

Open Arms: Now more than ever, the Queens Museum welcomes many communities

When Laura Raicovich told her father she’d decided to double-major in art and political science at Swarthmore College, he flung up his hands in despair. What would she ever do with that? More than two decades later, she serves as the Queens Museum’s president and executive director, and in this role, she not only manages a permanent collection and dynamic exhibition schedule but also oversees an innovative and unapologetically activist approach to community engagement…. Read More


Best of 2018: Our Top 20 NYC Art Shows

Mel Chin: All Over the Place. This exhibition, curated by Manon Slome and Laura Raicovich, was the kind that really required two visits to see: the first time, one might get a sense of how varied and voluble Chin’s practice is, and then on the second one might come to understand how profound the meanings are that are somewhat belied by the elegance of his making... Read More


How the Arts Can Help Immigrant Communities Through Sanctuary

The weekend after Donald Trump was elected President, the Queens Museum held its regular family workshops, which, according to then-executive director and president Laura Raicovich, normally attract between 40 and 50 families. That November weekend, only three families showed up. “People stopped leaving their homes, their lives had been disrupted,” Raicovich told a packed audience Thursday night at “Toward Sanctuary Summits,” a panel discussion convened by the New School’s Vera List Center for Arts and Politics… Read More


Queens Museum Director’s Departure Prompts Call for More Politically Engaged Art Institutions

Following Laura Raicovich’s decision to step down as the president and executive director of the Queens Museum on Friday, a coterie of influential curators, artists, and academics has signed an open letter supporting her. The letter, initiated by Vera List Center for Art and Politics Director Carin Kuoni, praises Raicovich for her socially and politically engaged programming at the Queens Museum, which, according to her comments to the New York Times last week, caused a great deal of tension between her and the institution’s board of trustees…. Read More

Next City

How a Museum in Queens Became a Neighborhood Ally

Rarely do art museums have bilingual community organizers on their payroll. The Queens Museum employs two. For cultural institutions wondering how best to support immigrant communities in a hostile political climate, the outer-borough landmark provides some clues…. Read More